My Story

One day I sat in a local coffee shop, sipping a fruity tea, pretending I was writing but secretly just watching all the odd people. There was the lady in the rainbow shirt that seemed to live in that particular chair. Did she work, was she local, where did her black eye come from? There were the three men sitting close together talking- one a business man, one a total hipster & the other definitely a dad. Why did they become friends? How did they stay friends? And what of the barista and the manager? We chatted about movies, life & sugar free gummy bears, but what did I really know of them? What was their story? Would anyone ever know it? Would I ever know it?

In that simple yet profound moment of wondering who these people around me were, I learned a little about who I was. I craved to know and put into words, the depth of what I saw! I wanted to tell their stories, like I had wanted to tell countless others. Maybe, I dared to think, MAYBE I was a story teller. Maybe I’d always been a story teller but didn’t know I was allowed to be. All I knew for sure was that I couldn’t stop reading between the lines of human existence, seeing the fibers of raw beauty in the everyday & tracing it into words on paper. I could get lost in the story of one man, or swim through the emotions of a stranger.  I could. And I wanted to.

There sitting in the coffee shop that day, not too long ago, I realized that I wanted to spend my life searching out the stories, glimpsing the gold in everyone and championing them. After this sunk in, I felt alive, reckless and confident. I knew this feeling, this was the feeling of purpose, passion, like a wave that I could either ride or get buried under. So I chose the ride. I immediately blew the most spur of the moment $43 I had ever spent and I started this website. And it is here that I will tell the stories I’ve been longing to tell.

As I write this, I wonder who will read it? It may not matter to everyone or hardly anyone, but I know it matters. Every word, like every life I write about matters!  No human was an accident and no story is a waste. If this world doesn’t have the time or heart to dig deeper, I will bring it out for them to see. It is worth it. Life is worth it. We are worth it.

imageI’m Mara. I have been living inside a beautiful story for 30 years. I make my home in Virginia, a country girl, now living in a small city. I love my food like I like my friendships, whole and healthy. I have a special relationship with my laptop but still prefer a notebook and ball point pen. I was created to create and loved to love. Jesus is my inspiration, the heart beat I dance to and the eyes that show me the meaning of it all and the beauty of everything!