He said “Stop feeling sorry for yourself & do something!”

I met a man. He was walking out of the YMCA so slowly I wasn’t sure he was even moving. His legs, arms and crutches were facing so many directions, I almost held my breath as I approached for fear of toppling him. I said a hello & walked inside. Several minutes later, I came back out to see he had only moved a few steps ahead of where I left him. His body was bent and straining under the effort of walking and his gray hair was damp from the rain.

Looking around I wondered why there was no one pulling up to pick him up or assisting him. Surely someone was waiting on him. I asked if I could help him and he kindly said I could hold his crutches once he got to the car. Several long moments later we reached his van and as I prepared to open the slider door for him, he reached for the drivers door…and expertly maneuvered himself into the seat, readying himself to drive. I know my mouth was hanging open and all I could think of to say was “You’re really good at that!” to which he replied “I’ve had 60 plus years of cerebral palsy to get good at it.” He then went on to explain that due to a doctors horrible call during his mother’s labor, he had been born with this condition.

And this, I confess is where I start to cry. He said that he was somewhat bitter but not so bitter as to give up. He had considered suicide but knew that he didn’t want to meet his maker having not done what he was meant to do. He had wanted to give up many times but he learned why he was here. He said- “I’m here to tell you and others to get off your damn couches and stop feeling sorry for yourself and do something!”

This man is retired yet works two days at Walmart, even though he has to get up at 2:00am to get himself ready. He goes to the gym to walk which is in and of itself a huge effort. He lives on his own & cooks his own meals. Although he admits to worrying he will fall while cooking sometimes, he refuses to waste money hiring when he can do it himself. He is a man with more strength in his broken body and purpose in his eyes than a hundred young, fit, successful men. He is living a purposeful life!

He just kept saying “Please share my story! People need to know if I can do this, they can! People with disabilities and without. People need to stop being lazy!” He said “I’m not upset at God. He showed me my purpose. I want you to share my story.”

And now I have.


4 thoughts on “He said “Stop feeling sorry for yourself & do something!”

  1. True story. One of my sisters-in-law was born with cerebral palsy, well that’s not quite right. There was a mistake when she was in incubator and she didn’t get enough oxygen resulting in brain damage and thus cerebral palsy. She was always generally an upbeat person if a bit naive about some things.

    She passed away a few years back since most people who suffer this way do not have long lifespans. It was a difficult way to live. She was always in pain. I hope she is resting now and is free to dance and frolic as she never was in life.

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    • It breaks my heart to hear of the struggle she faced, but also inspires me to know that she had a positive view on life. I see the courage and tenacity that some people have even in the face of tremendous odds and it really impacts me.

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  2. We all have our imperfections that we need to overcome, some of us do better at it than others. However, it is very humbling to see someone get on top of a difficulty such as this and, he is right, it is important to recognise that we are capable of more than we realise

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